Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reality Shows and THE TRUTH about Me!!

my life seems to be MY reality show, so i'm not too interested in many of these ridiculous TV programs anymore. i just wake up and open my eyes and there is REALITY (hehehehe). my reality show life kinda looks like that show on BRAVO , Workout (i think that's the name) with the gym owner girl because i work as a trainer at a crazy health club (no names, sorry). anyway, so much crap going on at my gym that it's hard to explain. the two guys that own the gym are criminals. one is on steroids bigtime and the other is a playboy who spends all day trying to "help" girls do their sets and reps right (uhh-hmm). well, yesterday they got into a fight and the steroid guy tossed a computer across the office and it hit one of the other trainers in the face. not funny at all. then some girl comes in cryin because"playboy" boss didn't pick her up earlier for lunch and drinks and she was sad. little did she know he was up in another office boinking one of the new trainers (YUK). he tried to pull that sh$t with me more than once but i let him have it "street-style" and he hasn't tried since.

dating scene is quiet right now, but that is about to change as i seem to have found someone i think is awesome, okay i better relax and not jinx it (LOL)

my workouts are awesome and i'm gettin stronger every day. my body is lookin crazy-hot. maybe i'll lose the vanity and post up one or two pics soon for yall to see. i haven't looked like this ever in my life and have some truth to share about my past. i used to have a serious eating disorder. okay, it was life threatening, that's pretty serious huh? i recently read so many other girls sharing and telling some of their darkest trials, i just felt it was time to talk about it. i have a problem sharing too much of it because i was never able to deal with it myself let alone talk about it. although i have shared some of my personal past, lets just say that life was pretty much over at one point. im getting emotional now so ill save the rest for another time.

anyway, thanks to my friend and the greatest personal trainer in the universe (Tony-DUH), i now live for today and tomorrow and feel like i can conquer the world. there was a time when i didn't think i would make it. i know, i was young and had my whole life ahead of me but still didn't think i would make it. life is precious and time is NOT something you get back. Tony taught me that once. you can get back money, things and all the stuff in the world if you work hard enough,,but you never get back time. so true. so true. i'm not wasting anymore of mine. you will never read this tony,,but thank you,,thank you tony for the new body and the new mind.

well, off to the crazy gym for another day of wackiness!!!!


Hage Family said...

Hey girl! It's Tiffanie...I know we've never been formally introduced, but we are somewhat like "sisters"...tony diva sisters! :) Found your blog off of Tina's and thought I would pop over here and see what you were up to! what part of Florida do you live in? I'm in Orlando...send me a pm thru tracker...sounds like Tony is rockin' your body! Please do post pics...we all love seeing pics! :)

Jeannette said...

Hi Mia!
I read your post on my blog! Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to know someone thinks I have spunk! haha! Definitely post some pics, we wanna see this awesome body you are talkin' about!
P.S. Are there enough exclamation points in that comment for ya? lol I am an exclamation point whore, I do believe! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend,

Nice to see you blogging. First off, pics would definitely be absolutely wonderful. Give me more to aspire towards.
Second, sorry to hear about the drama going on at work. I hate drama. People can truly be ridiculous.
Third, I'm so sorry you had to go through that horrible period in your life. It shows that you are healing, being able to share some of it. I totally agree with you about time being precious and not wanting to waste any of it. I'm getting weary of waiting for things to be perfect before I make some hefty decisions. Life is too short to not be true to oneself. Email me when you get a chance, it would be so nice to REALLY catch up.

B said...


I hate drama as well, I have never posted pics so I really can't say you should be that would be good :)

Tony is great! I agree

Anonymous said...

Geez you do have gym drama lol and yes post pictures!!!!! :)

thirtysomething said...

Wow that gym drama sounds crazy, and a new man...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! As far as the eating disorder, I am so happy you are finding peace with your body!!

Now get to work on those've got us all on the edge of our seats just waiting ;)

Ruby said...

hi Mia!! Thanks for stopping by my log. I am glad that all is behind you and you are in such a great place right now both physically and mentally. I actually had read through your log before and would come back and check on you. Glad all is going well. Tony is the best. From day one I knew I made the right decision.
Okay well you know we want pics..again no pressure..okay some pressure..LOL
Take care hon!

B said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog- tell your cousin I said Hello :)

Jeannette said...

Where am I??????? Where are YOU??? lol I it's your turn! lol

DB (Bella) said...

Hey! Thanks so much for your monnet on my blog. catching up on yours, it sounds like you have been down a long raod and I can actually relate to a lot of it!! Its so good to hear that you are feeling so much better and that T is wokring for you- body and mind. We'd all love to see pictures I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! I'm waiting on that next post!!!! Come on, you can't keep a girl waitin' like this!!!

Ruby said... know something now don't you?? You have been found out what the secret is from Tony..
LOL..Share the wisdom