Friday, June 29, 2007

I'll Go Through You!

Someone sent me these kool words recently so i thought i would share them. they came to me after I shared some personal stuff on another blog that had been trying to come back at me in my sometimes miserable life. anyway here goes............

"If you disregard my words, I'll go around you you. If you ignore my ideas, I'll go over you. If you laugh at my dreams, I'll go through you!"

my life???? pretty much been a life filled with goin around, over and through. not complainin, just sayin. it is what it is. if i had a dime for every time someone important in my life didn't believe in me, i would OWN bill gates and microsoft.

on the fitness front, i'm kickin it for real. I'm down a total of 14 pounds. my body is lookin tight, hard and vascular. my trainer (the one and only Tony) has been puttin the "mental" into my game plan and it has me flying high. don't want junk food and not gonna let it get in the way of my goals.

all for now. OUT!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Glimpse of Glory or it Ugly?

the other night at the gym i was doing my extra cardio and i turned to look at myself in the mirror. i'm my own worst critic. really, i don't think i have ever been happy with myself. although i have been told the opposite (mostly by guys tryin to get some), i just feel like i always want to change somethin about me. by the way, i've been told more than once by different people that i look like a cross between tyra banks and J-lo...WTF! WTF does that mean??? i don't see it....

anyway, as i was looking and beating myself up over what i saw (by the way, i look better than I ever have in my life right now), the guy next to me on the treadmill asked me if i had done magazine covers. i was like, whatever. he said, no really, you look like someone i saw on a fitness magazine recently. he was serious and even told me he would bring it in to the gym next time to show me. all i know is this, God sometimes brings things just when we need them. after he said that, i looked in the mirror and said, DAMN, i do look freakin HOT :) then i remembered something Tony ( told me once about how i need to understand who "i" am. he was right. no matter if that guy brings the magazine or not, i need to see the good and not the ugly. on another note, damn those shin splints :(

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Get out of my way!

Sometimes just the everyday momentum of life seems to get in the way. i was talking with a few girlfriends recently and they were telling me about personal issues and I was getting all bummed out. then they went on to start complaining about their bodies and their boy problems and I was like GIVE IT A REST! I listened and tried to help them out. we talked and talked. then they started to slowly depress me. wanted to know why i eat such clean food. wanted to know why i follow the directions of this HOT gorgeous italian guy ( trainer for those who do not know) who i never met. go eat girl, you look awesome. why you doin that? meanwhile, all they do when i see them is want to know what Tony has me doin...when did you talk to him last? will he train us? let's fly to NY and meet him,,,,,,blah, blah, blah. Like i would let them get anywhere near him :) hehehehehe

i realized something as i listened to them. i realized that they were truly affecting me negatively. then i remembered something Big T told me about surrounding myself with people who were positive and who shared in my dreams. i made a decision to make some changes. I will now really be aware of how i spend my time and with "WHO". i heard a figure competitor say the same thing this past week in my gym. Stay away from negative people.

So i will do that.