Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer and all that Smack!!!

well, i'm sitting here waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up and so i thought i would post since i really, like, SUCK at it lately (LOL). sorry. okay, maybe i'm not sorry. i have been working so many hours at the gym that i don't have time to think about posting. but i love reading about my fellow divas :) so many of the tony divas are really kickin ARSE right now. Kool!!! i'm doing well and eating as clean as a whistle (putting my lips together and blowing). anywhoooo, life is good but busy. i'm taking my new boyfriend to Cali with me on my next trip over. NO,,NO,,relax ladies, it's not that serious. he just wants to make it his summer vaca. my new job is kick ass and i love it. they now have me doing some early morning bootcamp which is packin in the clients :) yeah, they like my style :)

what else? i'm tired of watching these endless fitness infomercials, aren't you? i was never so aware of them until tony brought it up on one of his radio shows. geez louizzze, they are endless and pathetic ! speaking of the radio show, when is the next one??? i got tony-withdrawal :) miss hearing that sexy voice of his. okay stacey, give it up, when you guys hittin us with a show??

don't know why, but i'm really feelin my turkey burgers and these other spinach thingys that tony turned me on to. yummy :0) eating clean is the only way.

okay, done venting for now. boyfriend is here and it's time for a coffee --light and sweet :)

stay strong Divas!

PS- Lori, thanks for stopping by and posting on my blog. not sure where you are or where your blog is, but if you want to holla at me here is my e-mail: