Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As my stomach turns the barbells Burn!!

My Stomach: for real, the guys who own the gym i train at are freakin nuts! okay, that is a severe understatment. they need a lifetime of therapy. okay, that is still not expressing my thoughts here. let's say first, i'm sick to my stomach and don't want to work at this gym anymore. here goes the latest saga: the other day the two owners call all of the staff into the office. they begin this stupid meeting by saying that they are thinking of breaking their partnership and so one of them may move on and take sole ownership of another gym not that far from us. ahhhh, YEAH, we all , looked at each other like "WTF?". then they say, "decide where you want to work because we want you to make a choice (insert>> WTF???) i turned around and couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore so i said, "i'm not happy working for either of you two guys, so how about that?" BaBooooom!! you could have heard a pin drop. they looked at me and said, "sorry to hear that you're so unhappy, why are you here then?". i said, "i'm here because it pays the bills." then i said, "shouldn't your question be "why are you unhappy working here or why do you not want to work with either of us?" so the nutty steroid boss (let's call him MOE) turns to me and says, "i don't really give a F$%K why you're unhappy, get your SH$T AND GET OUT!"

no, i didn't cry and i never let thugs make me cry. i popped off more punks than these two clowns in my life already. i turned to him and said, "i will gladly leave. learn how to run a business you freakin loser." (i admit i was a bit scared for a moment as he jumped up because i've seen this guy lose it) at that point he walks towards me with a crazy look on his face. i said, "what? whatcha gonna do tough guy?" ((( here is where i said something i didn't plan on saying--see below))) now as he gets closer his partner steps in the middle and says "okay that's enough. Mia is entitled to her opinion. we don't exactly run this place well sometimes." here is were it gets good. then one of the trainers turns to both of them and says, "you guys are running this place to the ground and i'm sickof your bullsh$%T." ( this trainer knows these two for years and they have sponsered his bodybuilding shows and stuff.). guess what happens next? you got it, a brawl right there in the office. two guys working out in the gym had to come in from the gym and break it up. fists were flying. after it all cooled down the cops came. we all sat down and the owners apologized to all of us and me personally. we worked out an arrangement "if" they decide to split up. FYI, i have thrown my resume at a few places and i'm gettin out. i admit that what kept me there was the money. these guys PAY WELL. as trainers we get a huge split and a portion of gym memberships and even more. but, i can't take it anymore. so, i say, PEACE! I be Gone"

confession time: as the steroid boss (MOE) walked towards me and i cracked words at him, i just felt compelled to say the following words, "If you lay a hand on me, my trainer Tony from New York is going to crush your A#s". yeah, i know, probably shouldn't have dragged the T-man into it but i know he wouldn't mind (hehehehe) BTW, it did work and before his partner stepped in the middle he was scratching his head and trembling ( i showed him a picture of tony once).

Barbells: well enough of the soap opera that turns my stomach. i can say that my workouts and eating have been "spot on" the money. tony has me doing some intense barbell routines that are a lot of compound movements all in his "CRIT-style" which is kickin my butt big time and i'm loving it. i'm so happy right now in my life. i finally overcame my food issues. it didn't come easy and Tony is the one that gave me the victory. every time he would talk to me and tell me what to do and how to do it, i would write it down and follow it to the 't'. i thought i would be forever shackled to my binges and my sorrow. i would go from two full weeks of eating clean and thinking i had "won the battle" only to find myself stuffing a whopper and fries down my throat. then, i would stick my finger down my throat. yes, i said it, i did it. it was a terrible cycle. how did i overcome it, his name is Tony Dicostanzo and he is the master of mind and body conditioning. if you really WANT to change NO ONE can do it like he can.

i will leave by quoting similar to my girlfriend, evelyne over on her blog: Tony if you ever do read my blog, YOU ARE A GENIUS and I'm absolutely, totally, unequivocally indebted to you"

i could cry when i think of how this man has changed my life and my body beyond my wildest dreams.

well, DIVAS, i hope he and stacey give us the scoop soon because i'm dyin to know what is happening :) later for now :)


B said...

you got balls- I like that! LOL

I ya I can't wait to find out what the big secret is

B said...

I meant and ya LOL

I am on a night shift so I take no responsibility for spelling mistakes - okay?

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are something! And you got that right. Tony would be there in a heartbeat, had that maniac laid a hand on you. Idiot.

I'm so estatically happy that you have overcome your battles. There have been a few times lately, with so much crap going on with me, that I've wanted to just crawl under the covers and not ever come out again. But thinking about Tony and knowing what he would do, makes me get off my ass and get in that tough but awesome workout.

Now, how bout them pictures, chica?? Waiting.....I'm not a patient person, Tony can attest to that, so come on, don't keep a girl waitin'...

And about this BIG secret....I bet it's not as BIG as everyone's making it out to seem. But, I'm sure it's good.

Oh, and I'm SO honored to have you quote me. How cool. He IS just THE best, isn't he? God, I LOVE that man!

Ruby said...

Mia..oh my gosh talk about drama. I am glad you are getting out of there. Tony should add that to his desciption..bodyguard. I think I am going to print his picture and put it in my wallet..LOL
Mia I used to binge just like that same pattern. Eat really clean then go and binge. I would get into great shape then do it again. It never changed for me until Tony. He totally changed my life. I am back to the person I was along time ago that somehow got lost during the way.
I have not binged once since he came into my life. I know I sound like some ad but this is from the bottom of my heart.
You sound so happy if only we could see the know what I mean
no pressure

Hage Family said...

Hey girl. Man, that gym sounds CRAZY! you don't need to be working in that kinda environment. Nice that the trainer came to bat for you! What a whacky ward!!! Sounds like you are in such a good place. I sure would like to see before and after photos?????

DB (Bella) said...

you are one tough (clean and made of chicken and green beans) cookie! Good for you speaking your mind!!!!

thirtysomething said...

I know I read this before...I think I was at work and not able to comment...anyhow, sounds like you put them in there place!! WOW, nobody needs that kind of drama in there life day after day. How are things going since?

Ruby said...

hi the new look!!