Wednesday, January 23, 2008

California and O'Yeah The Newsletter that Made me Cry!!

i'm here in california with family and also working while I take some time here on the West coast. I do a lot of that east coast/west coast thing. tupac and Dr. Dre said it best "California, knows how to party" (guess that will fly over the heads of those who don't follow hip/hop).

thought i would blog and say hey. things are going great with my workouts and i'm loving the way tony has me going back and forth from body part to full blown CRIT (crit is secret DreamBodies language so i can't give specifics or tony would kill me- and sue me). o' well, i feel kinda tired of the whole dating thing. every time i come to LA, my family tries to hook me up with this guy from over here or that guy from over there (LOL) and I know it is all in an effort to get me to move to california. not gonna happen. but anyway, the dates have been boring and i've decided to focus on me and leave the men alone for a while. whether my family likes it or not.

gotta share something with my tony divas. did y'all see the newsletter about him running and crying??? OMG, i was like in tears reading it. hard to picture this big, sexy gorgeous guy running and balling on the treadmill. but, that is why we love him. his e-mails lately have motivated me beyond words. he always knows how to tap into your soul and get you to keep moving forward.

i have decided that i will probably definitely do a figure show next summer. now i need to begin to write out my goals and formulate the game plan.

does anybody watch american idol? i know that's random but i was curious.

heading back home next week!

Talk to y'all later :)


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I check your blog ALL the time, I'm so glad to see you wrote something!!

Family! UGH. Nuff said.

Tony...just amazing. Yes, I DO love that man.

Totally get you on the whole dating thing. I'm feeling the same way about men. EXCEPT for Tony. He is in his own class.

Have a great week and get home safe. You know I'll be waiting to hear!

Hugs, girlie!

thirtysomething said...

It's about time you let us in on your world!! Enjoy the warm weather!! I wish I was there right now!! And forget about men :)

:) Tina