Friday, May 25, 2007

Don't Be the Killer of Your Own Dreams!

That is what Tony told me a few days ago as i shared some personal issues with him that were clearly holding me back. I don't want to share what I have struggled with because it is all over the place, but big T knew exactly where I was holding back. when he said, "Don't be the Killer of your own Dreams", my heart fell to the floor. it fell because he was so right. he then went on to tell me "how" I was doing it and "why". i don't know how he got in my head, but he caused me to look inside like i never have before. he also then gave me the tools to move forward. this guy has changed my life. even if he never talked to me again or kept me as a client, he changed my life.

enuff emotional stuff. on the training front i am kickin it like nobody knows. I told Tony about some workouts this week and he shifted some dietary things that seem to have me more energetic and more pumped. i can't wait to see what this week brings as i have a new focus and a new mind. i told T that he should throw some intense workouts at me since i feel like a new person. Ooops, mistake huh?

Being a dreambodies DIVA...yup, i'm addicted to how we kick it!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Progress, Plight and Pizza

Yup Yup, things are going really well. My body is changing by the minute and i'm getting lots of comments at the gym. For instance, this guy came up to me and said, "hey, looking real tight..are you going in a show?" i was like, yes, but not just yet. he says, "i'm a trainer and i can help you" i said, "i'm also certified, but i still have the best there is training me, but thanks anyway" he says,"the best, who is that?" i said, he's the one we call "T",,enuff said. act like u know fool. this boy is the bomb! the best trainer in the world. if he can crack me into shape, trust me, he be the best!

life don't happen without plight and pain. this comes in the form of a close friend of the family who just passed away of cancer this past week. she was dear to me and helped my moms when i was younger. sad. i'm sad.

my friends offered up a pizza to cheer me up. i said no thanks. i kept seeing tony's gorgeous face smiling at me every time they took a bite. i'm livin the life of a fitness chick gone wild and i got no time for fatty food.

this week i will be heading to Cali,,,,fornia , that is :) visiting some friends. already have the gym scoped out. this girl will not miss a beat.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This Train Can't Stop

Okay, so I'm workin with the hottest trainer on the planet AKA "pretty boy" Tony Dicostanzo of dreambodies (my cousin met him face to face in NY and she said HOLY BEEF-CAKES batman, the boy is gorgeous). anyway, enough of my crush (its harmless). he is kickin my glutes like never before. i'm only a couple of weeks in and I lost about 6 pounds of fat. following the plan to the 't' and givin it all i can. it has not been eazzee givin it all because life has been tryin to mess with me. death of a friend and all kinds of family issues workin. but i'm already gettin comments. i think this program is soooo diffrent than any other. Tony is definitely one reason. he has a way about him i must agree with some others. but it is also the nutrition and the workouts are insane. i'm certified myself, but i never knew some of the things he taught me. intense and serious.

i'm off now to do extra cardio. gotta go and visit a relative tonight that i haven't seen in a while and it should be interesting -meaning-MORE DRAMA!

just wanted to update you all and thank you for all the encouraging words and bloggings. This "T" diva is takin it to the MAX babeeee :)