Sunday, July 20, 2008

La Vida Loca: The Police and My Body!!!

okee dokee sistas, i know that you have all had enough of my lousy blogging consistency. i'm sorry, really i'am. i was thinking about textin big T the sexy G (aka, my hot trainer Tony for all those on Mars and Venus) and i was gonna ask him to give me a diva blog. dam i want a diva blog!!! then i realized. first, he may ask me to put my picture up (Um, i know you all want to see this sista, its comin). then i also realized that he would throw me out for not posting enough (although our lovely diva stacey is giving my ARSE warts from waiting here and hoping for a new entry, WHat? i didn't say nothing LOL). so i will patiently wait for the great one to give me a chance. puleeeeeze T, i will even post some pics (maybe). Anywhoooo, me and my boyfriend are getting along great. yes, i said it, great. this kinda scares me. not really feelin a relationship this deep. i dunno. maybe i'm just not the commitment type. but we are still together and doing well.

my life has been crazy! remember the gym i worked at? remember the crazy owners(if not go back and read my posts)? guess what? one of them has been arrested. punk!! he deserves it. long story short. i was interviewed by the police regarding certain transactions and well, its over and i'm sure glad i left that gym when i did.

my body is not only where i want it to be but better looking now then when i was in high school. which brings me to tina and loris blogs. those two girls really know how to make me cry :( but in a good way :)

tony has my workouts shifting in some new fashion (i forget the scientific term he used). but my body just seems to be responding so well. did i mention i love that man? (daydream to myself: why can't my boyfriend look like tony?) Oops, I'm awake again.

here is something i never thought i would share on a blog or talk about. here goes: i spent time struggling with eating issue and definite disorders. i have shared this before. it has been due to very hard and troubled things in the past. long story short (my theme today-YAY), i will be getting some specific training to help others cope with these types of issues. i will not only use it in my own personal training busniess and the new gym, but also for private wellness coaching. this will help me to keep the finances rolling in and also help me to build my business. my dream is to open a private studio one day.

i know this will require hard work and a lot of sacrifice but i want it that bad. this nation is becoming way, way out of contol with food. i want to help and do more. i love people and it is my passion. i'll keep y'all up to date.

tony divas..UNITE and CONQUER!!

we be the BEST!!!!