Monday, March 24, 2008

Back up, BIATCH!

ah life. so wonderful and yet so filled with CRAP-ola :0) i'm not going to spend too much time on the gym saga except to say that i will be leaving in about 3-4 weeks. but, it seems until that time i will need to deal with a new manager FROM HELL! her name is, o'well, WTF, her name is justine and she is a BIATCH! i think they hired her just to make things uncomfortable for me.

soooo, are you ready to hear what this new girl did to me? she walks up to me and asks me for my upcoming monthly schedule. she wanted to know how many spin classes, aerobic classes and bod pump classes i had lined up and then she said she also wanted all of my clocked hours with clients names and dates/times. HOLD ON, i haven't shared the kicker yet~! she did all of this while i was in the middle of training a client~~~! can you believe that?? my client looked at me and said, "if you need to go do something, i understand Mia!" i said, "Hell NO. what i need to do is tell this BIATCH to back off while i'm working." she turned to me and said, "what did you just say? are you talking about me?" i said, "Hell yaaaa, i'm talking about you, so back off"

now mind you, this came after i gave her the EYES and told her we really need to do this later. she didn't care and continued to bother me. sooooo, whatever! i then had to have a pow wow with one of the owners and her. who cares (LOL). i'm outta there and off to another facility with much better pay and more opportunities to have my personal promotions.

workouts are great. eating is great. my body has never looked like this--ever. mindset is great.

i actually started spending more and more time on doing lots of i mind-motivational exercises that tony gave me to do and also some planning he assigned me. it helped me bigtime to rekindle the coals of my fires.

lovin my life right now. keep on keepin at it DIVAS. the Dreambodies Divas will rule the world one day :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

No More Drama and I Never Want to Look back

i'm sitting here writing this with tears in my eyes. good tears. happy tears. although i'm young, my life has been filled with pain. a lot of pain. so much so that when that song by MJ Blige came out "No More Pain" all of my friends, girlfriends and family members (ones i talk to anyway) all told me they thought of ME when they heard that song. i was like, "gee, thanks...i think"

well, i can say as i sit here typing this that i finally have my life back. it has been a long journey and although i know it is far from over, i can say without hesitation I HAVE WON the battle. I have now overcome the "food" issue and it is NO longer a demon in my life. binging, purging, crying, eating and doing it all over again day after day. i would have liked to blame it on my career (past tense) when i was modeling. as a model i had no choice but to eat nothing most of the time or lose jobs. long story short, some days me and my model girlfriends would joke about who had a bigger piece of lettuce that day. that's right, one piece of lettuce for the entire day. not a salad. ONE PIECE of lettuce!! it was sick. then there would be days of uncontrollable binging. i truly thought i would NEVER turn my life around. i prayed and cried on a daily basis for months. i knew if i didn't get control over it that my life was over. i found my way and i have now been clean for almost a year. i have not eaten anything unhealthy in almost the same time. i have attended many, many parties and looked at foods that i LOVE but never gave in and did not want to.

my life is now MY life. my body is transformed and new and clean and i will never turn back. my inspiration always came from my grandmother. she lived for me it seemed. she has passed and i miss her every single day. i love you mammaboo. but i was blessed to have another inspiration in my life. my trainer Tony. he gave me back my mind, my body and my health. he taught me HOW to think and see things in a new way. i was pushy but he never gave up on me. he kept teaching me and i kept listening to him. i owe him more than i will ever be able to repay him.

so now i sit here with some herbal tea and as i relfect on my life i feel invincible knowing that i overcame so much and now i have so much ahead of me to run towards.

thank you all for your wonderful comments and e-mails. you know who you are and many of you Tony Divas (so many not even in the same circles), have been another source of inspiration and i appreciate you all very much. kisses and hugs to each and every one of you.

i think i will finish my cry and hit the gym :)