Friday, November 9, 2007

The Life of a Fitness Freak

i know, i know, i haven't blogged. sorry, i work crazy hours with the personal training and then got involved in Bootcamp leadership which totally sucked any free time i had away.

well, all i can say is things are going really well. my body is changing on a daily basis. big T told me to keep a journal and take pictures almost daily if you really want major accountability and it WORKS!! really, Tony is the most amazing trainer. i don't know how he juggles all of his clients especially us girls :) we can tough at times :) i'm so happy with my results and he has taken me beyond where i thought i could ever be.

i'm now officially dating someone. his name is Mike and hes cool and into fitness. here are his stats;
dark brown hair
190 lbs (well built)
hobbies: he likes bodybuilding, fishing and reads more books in a week than I do in a year
movies: typical guy-action and horror (my favorite too though, hehehehe)

i confess i'm a very picky girl. i also confess that looks are very important to me. Mike is no Tony dicostanzo. funny story, when we got to know each other a little better i told mike about my trainer and so he went to the website ( I said, isn't my trainer gorgeous?? he said, are you seriously asking me that question? i said, yes, why? he said, forget it. i didn't mean to hurt his feelings but dam, tony is fine! i also like my men with big muscles. mike said he thinks tony looks like he may use steroids. i said, here is my phone, call him and ask him. he said no, i'll take your word for it (chicken!). I know tony would never use anabolics and mike's comment pissed me off. why do guys get jealous and then need to make statements when they don't know the truth? i know tony is against all drugs even over the counter fat burners! that is what made me choose him.

well, in the end, mike apologized. i told him if you mess with the T-man, you mess with me. he is also thinking about calling tony to help him pack on the muscle. tell me that's not funny??

oh yeah, i almost forgot, i'm thinking about buying a new car. went to a few dealerships and i hate those salesmen. the first dealership, the guy asked me out--the second dealership the guy thought i was stupid and tried to talk me into a pathetic leasing thing--the third dealership i finally asked my boyfriend mike to come with me. it helped but i'm still looking. any suggestions?

keep trainin hard my fellow Tony divas :0)