Sunday, June 3, 2007

Get out of my way!

Sometimes just the everyday momentum of life seems to get in the way. i was talking with a few girlfriends recently and they were telling me about personal issues and I was getting all bummed out. then they went on to start complaining about their bodies and their boy problems and I was like GIVE IT A REST! I listened and tried to help them out. we talked and talked. then they started to slowly depress me. wanted to know why i eat such clean food. wanted to know why i follow the directions of this HOT gorgeous italian guy ( trainer for those who do not know) who i never met. go eat girl, you look awesome. why you doin that? meanwhile, all they do when i see them is want to know what Tony has me doin...when did you talk to him last? will he train us? let's fly to NY and meet him,,,,,,blah, blah, blah. Like i would let them get anywhere near him :) hehehehehe

i realized something as i listened to them. i realized that they were truly affecting me negatively. then i remembered something Big T told me about surrounding myself with people who were positive and who shared in my dreams. i made a decision to make some changes. I will now really be aware of how i spend my time and with "WHO". i heard a figure competitor say the same thing this past week in my gym. Stay away from negative people.

So i will do that.


Laurie said...

Absolutely - that' why I love my blogging friends, such positive people who share my goals and support me in my journey.

KatieFeldmom said...

Ditto on Laurie's comment!!!