Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? WTF????????????

okay, so, the post isn't really about mariah and nick. but, while i'm at it, WTF??? i aint got nothing against my brother nick, but how could she marry that boy? AHHHHHHHHHHH. dats just plain ole ridiculous. too bad if you don't agree. this is my blog not yours!!!!!

okay, got it out of my system. now, on to what is more important, my life and lack of blogging :)
thanks to my girlfriend bernee's last post to me, i figured i better get myself together and shout out to y'all.

i have been real bad with blogging and e-mails (my sista evelyne knows that, sorry girlfriend, love you dough, really i do). actually, i was going to take a break from the blogging and computer for a while because it just gets to be too much for me. i will try to be better, promise (smoochies to you all for staying on my back). some of you even e-mailing my sorry arse.

okee dokeee lets see- things are great on the health and fitness front. tony talked me off a cliff last week. yes, i was having a small meltdown but once again the hottest looking trainer on earth knew just the right words to say. long story short, i was slippin a little and going back to my old ways of thinking. this is exactly what caused me to binge in the past. i haven't binged or cheated on a morsel of CRAP in forever (only the cheats that tony permits). i really didnt come close to falling again because i saw the problem and called tony to talk about it. he told me this means i have grown in the MIND area and my thinking has progressed. he was soooooo right. after i hung up with him i ate some oatmeal. had some nuts, drank a shake and felt like i conquered the world. thanks big T. love you dude (more than my girl evelyne does hehehehehe) (wink to you ev) it's on girlfriend :)

anywhoooo, the new boyfriend is still in the picture and all is well and that is another reason why i don't spend any free time on the computer any longer. he bought me a necklace layered in white gold and diamonds (OOOOOOOOOOWOWOWOWOW). at first i was like, "i can't accept this" then he started crying and telling me it was just a gift from his heart and that he didn't expect it to put any relational pressure on me. i said, glad you feel that way poppy, cuz i aint gettin serious with you. i'll take the necklace for now, thanks" it is beautiful and i love it but its just a necklace. i'm not ready to get serious wit no man right now.

i'll check in real soon. cross my heart and hope to die promise. hugs and kisses to all my diva sistas.


Anonymous said...

FIRST OF ALL....I LOVE HIM MORE!!! Oh, it's ON now sista!!


You crack me up, girl!

I'm SO glad you wrote. I know how life can get overwhelming and this blog thing sometimes feels more of a hassle than an enjoyment. I'm patient, I can wait. I just love ya, girl and wanna make sure you're doing good. T gave me your message, he IS the best. (I still love him more!)

WOW, that necklace sounds beautiful. Would LOVE to see a picture of it around your beautiful neck. *hint-hint*

I'm SO happy that you were able to talk to Tony before things went awol for you. So many of us need to remember that he's there for us to call when we are feeling weak. He knows just what to say to make it all betta. Yup, still LOVE HIM MORE!!

HUGS AND KISSES girl! I love you!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Who the hell is Nick Cannon? She married WHO?? I didn't even know the girl got married? She was dating someone? I'm gonna have to do some research now....

B said...


Thought you went MIA - LOL

a break is needed every once in awhile

and as I said on my Tabloid Post small to minimal Nick and Mariah will last- too crazy

Tina said...

I've been waiting to hear from you again!! AND I still want pictures, no way are you off the hook just because you went into thought I'd forget, never!! Seriously, how bout just a head shot :)

And Last of All I love him more, and I told him so!! :P

Bernee said...

Yeah, Mia posted in her Blog! It's about time!
Glad Tony got you back on track, funny he doesn't give me any cheats at all. He must think that I really don't need them. Girl you better wear that necklace, that was a sweet of him!

All the best, until you post again...maybe at least once a month?

Bernee said...

Oh, I forgot, I don't get that Mariah/Nick union thing. I say it will last 2 years tops!

DB (Bella) said...

just checking in on you! hope all is well!