Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keepin it Real--Crazy that is!!

whoa! i don't know where to begin.

I know many of you have been waitin on my post. Sorry. but it has been crazeeeeee on my end. new job is great! i'm working with the head trainer who is also the director for the health club i'm working at and he has been real good with me and my schedule. my hours are flexible and i'm making some good cheddar (cash money for those who may not understand my slang-LOL). i have more clients than i can handle and the director is not giving me too many classes to run which is what i was promised :) i'm happy to be working in an evironment that is peaceful and thriving. well, well, let's see. yes, okay, i'm dating someone now for the past two weeks and it is lookin real good with us and that is why my blogging and computer time has been so bad. we're spending a lot of time together. better keep my mouth shut since i might jinx myself. on another front, i have a girlfriend who i have been spending a lot of time with because she is involved in a pretty abusive relationship and i have been trying to help her through it. not physical abuse, but the emotional and verbal can be worse sometimes and this guy takes the cake with it. that's why i have been so busy and not on top of my blog and e-mails for that matter.

on the training front. my workouts are killer and tony has me doing some kind of cardio curcuit blitz that is really kickin my butt. my nutrition is spot on and i'm probably in the best shape of my entire life right now. i know, i know, i need to post pictures. i will,,one day (hehehe). just so darn body conscious.

let's see, on another note, tony had his Blog Talk radio show yesterday. all i can say is the the boy is da bomb!!!! Stacey rocked TOO!!! i listened to it over a girlfriends house and there was a few of us who listened together. tony is not only HOT as HELL gorgeous but also one of those guys who makes you just think and cry and melt when he speaks. anyway, in one part of the show tony spoke about integrity and how we must not be divided within ourselves. well, one of my girlfriends started to get very choked up and started to get really emotional. i was like, "what's wrong?" she was like, " my whole life i have been just like that. i make excuses and i have integrity for everyone else but not with my life and my self" it got deeper as she shared how some of the things tony mentioned about values made her think of her father who passed away. long story short, she will definitely be calling tony and working with him. i checked with her earlier today and she has already made changes in her life. she needs to get healthy not only for the sake of losing a few pounds, but because of her family history with some health issues.

okeee dokeee, dats all for now friends, girlfriends, sistas, and fellow divas :) see ya when i see ya!


Melissa H said...

Sounds like a good kind of crazy. And yes. I want pictures. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo!!!! The Diva herself, FINALLY updated!! Sounds like things are movin' in the right direction! I'm SO super excited to hear all about this new man in your life. You deserve the best girlie, don't settle for less. He'd better treat you like gold. 'Cause we all know what could happen to him if he doesn't. *wink-wink*

I hope things work out for your gf. (the one in the abusive relationship) I've certainly been there done that. Well, I'm STILL going through it. Totally NOT as bad though.

Tony.....what can I say? He is changing lives for the better. EVERYDAY. He has been sent from heaven and I'm SO grateful that he is in my life. I hope your gf will be able to change for the better with his help. I TOTALLY agree, he is HOTT and he is SO damn talented and oooh yes, that voice.....I could listen to him everyday for the rest of my life. Okay, I'm ending this here. WE MUST TALK SOON, SISTA, SOON.

B said...

I missed the show- I am so pissed I hope I can download it after ???

sounds like all is going well for you - glad to hear it

I can't wait to see Tony in June! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay a post! lol :) Sounds like things are rockin for you and that is awesome! So glad you enjoyed the show~what a learning experience. I am not much of a talker(writer yes) and Tony knows that lol :) But it can only get better and better from here. I can't wait for next weeks show! Hopefully I am not totally dead. The energy is slowly dwendling on my end and I'm still not happy with my ASS!

Anonymous said...

WHAO! B is meeting Tony in June???? OMG girl take picts~lots!!! lol how freakin awesome!

Bernee said...

Hello Mia,

Thanks for visiting my Blog. I just started working with Tony and love working with him so far. He seems amazing. I just wished I found him sooner.
Take are and train hard!

Tina said...

Well it's already been finally updated ;) And I'm not letting you off the hook any longer...we want pictures. Really, I was thinking about you while I was doing my ab workout today, and I thought, I just adore Mia, and what the hell does she look like!! No more hiding, we already love you, but we want a face and maybe even a set of legs to go with the incredible mind and energy!! No more excuses!! No more hiding... And I just have this feeling you have great legs...I don't know why, maybe because you are a Tony Diva and we all have great legs...come on give up the goods!!

Tina said...

Where are you girl...I hope you're working on those pictures :) It's a man isn't it :)

Lori said...

Hi, ran across your blog through someone elses...probably evelyne's. Good luck with the new b/f. Sounds like you have been through alot. Tony is good with helping out with that type of thing. Sure helped me. I always say he's helped me iwth my head more than my body. My head needed it more I guess. ANyway, just watned to pop in and say hi.

Ruby said...

okay Mia your next post better have pics! know you'll never hear the end of it if you don't..LOL. I am so glad you are working in a healthy work environment the other place was crazy!!
Good luck with the new guy you deserve someone special!

Bernee said...

We need a new post, what's going on with you???